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Black Lives Matter Says We Do Not Need Police

Black Lives Matter Says We Do Not Need Police

Black Lives Matter activist Janaya Khan explains how we can abolish the whole criminal justice system, including police. Because, it’s broken.

You heard that right.  In the video she says that the police “manufacture” crime.

Janaya says that “we don’t need the police” in our communities because the police do not keep people safe.

Homicides, rape, burglary, etc. apparently are just made up crimes so the police have a job…….

It was interesting in looking at this video, the very next video from the organization was about missing black teens in Washington D.C. and they want the police to solve the cases.

Really?  we thought there was no need for police?

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  1. the_obvious1

    what an unbelievable goofball

  2. Narcguy

    Rapid Reaponse Justice teams sounds a lot like vigilante justice or worse, like some of those Sharia Law Response teams…

  3. Barbara Ray-Velazquez

    She is ridiculous…”Everyone has a bad day” and that makes it OK to beat your spouse. She sure sets some low standards for black people. Are they incapable of controlling their emotions, walking away and doing something to calm down? After hearing her say that I began to wonder if it’s not the behavior that gets them in trouble with cops. I worked as a social worker in inner city Milwaukee and I have seen and heard about street justice. Guy told me a family friend sexually assaulted his 8 year old niece so he got a bunch of guys and went to his house and beat him half to death in his bathtub. I told him that it wouldn’t stop the pedophile from doing it to another child. He said he didn’t care as long as it wasn’t his niece. So the pedophile goes on to sexually assault children, who will get no treatment and when they are adults they will be all screwed up. Then there are the rocket scientists that exact judgement at the wrong house. Here in Milwaukee Layla Peterson was shot in the head while sitting on grandpa’s lap by a bullet that came from outside. Neighbors heard and saw nothin but Chief Flynn carried her picture and vowed to find the perps and he did,,,ooops, they had the wrong address. In their world they mete out the justice with no due process denying a person’s constitutional rights…but don’t deny them their rights. Last summer we had some unrest and the drunken brother of the guy that was killed by a cop because he pulled a gun while trying to escape arrest, on video was talking about not needing cops. Standing next to him was a bunch of Black Gangster Disiples from Chicago

  4. Tabs

    I hope the Darwin theory kicks in soon. Time to thin the herd.

  5. Mikkall

    I didn’t get far. 7 sentences, I think. That’s when my stupid-meter exploded.

  6. Fez

    They’re not all locked up…

  7. Katrina

    Black Lies Matter has proven itself irrelevant a long time ago. Now this silly lady wants to make a video to show that they are also insane. It is troubling that blacks like her despise themselves for the pigment in their skin and use it as an excuse for every negative in their lives. Really sad.

  8. Duane Wolfe

    “Rapid Response Justice Teams” I Googled it, no definition. No definition in the video. What comes to mind when I read the term “Rapid Response Justice Teams”? A team who rapidly responds with “justice”. Last time I checked we had a constitution and laws that forbid vigilantes. It also has an incredibly poor history of administration of justice.

    • Barbara Ray-Velazquez

      exactly…no due process, no fair trial, violation of constitutional rights

  9. Sarah Smith

    I hope these Black Lives Matter fanatics remember they don’t think they need the police when their homes are being burglarized, their family members are being robbed at gunpoint or their property is being vandalized. When they dial 911 to report these crimes, I wish I could ask the question if they are a part of BLM and if they agree with this propaganda. Because if they do, I can only assume they are calling to let me know that these crimes happened and not that they want the police to do something about it, because you know, they don’t need the police. Unfortunately, as a sworn deputy, for the last 16 years, I swore to uphold the law and to help those in need of assistance, whether it be law, fire or EMS. I can’t just pick and choose who I want to help. Unlike all these so-called protesters that get offended by every opinion out there, I have to, and proudly do so, go out there and give it all I have to save the lives of the community. Even the ungrateful ones.

  10. Barbara Martino

    Freaking crazy talk again from the “victims”. Where has she ever lived that wasn’t a gated community.

  11. Sue Rawson

    holy crap…. these people are totally out there… ya… just let the black man run wild…. you know, like Chicago… i shake my head

  12. Brian Nicholson

    Wow. Stupidity like this is rampant in the BLM. I think that people like this should live in walled in communities where there are no law enforcement and guaranteed no response when something does happen.

    • Barbara Ray-Velazquez

      That’s really what they are asking for but they don’t understand they would not get any delivery trucks delivering anything, no garbage collection, no snow city services…they kinda think like the Bundy bunch that took over Malheur

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