Black Lives Matter Keeps Getting More Radical — Will the Media Care?

I feel sorry for Americans who look to Black Lives Matter as an instrument of racial reconciliation. I truly do. There are millions of citizens of good will who are sick to death of racial division and whose hearts ache over the historic inequalities between black and white. They believe that black lives matter, and they want, desperately, to be part of a movement that can heal this country’s deep and lasting cultural, educational, and economic wounds.

These Americans of good will have been had, with the media’s help. Black Lives Matter is an instrument not of justice and reconciliation but rather of violence and revolution. It’s shot through with its own form of racism — anti-Semitism — and with authoritarian demands that would not only strip Americans of their constitutional rights but bankrupt our nation and render it vulnerable to its enemies abroad. Doubt me? Read the organization’s own words.

On Monday, Black Lives Matter joined with dozens of radical civil-rights groups to issue an official “platform,” and the document is nothing less than an extraordinary grab bag of anti-American and fundamentally Marxist demands.

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