Belligerent Woman Live Streams Herself Harassing Police Officers On Facebook

Belligerent Woman Live Streams Herself Harassing Police Officers On Facebook

Melyssa Jo Kelly, 67, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa caused a scene at a local restaurant when she live-streamed herself verbally attacking police officers.

The belligerent woman even ridiculed the officers for honoring the recently murdered Des Moines police officers. All of the officers remained calm and professional amidst an onslaught of nutty insults however, and the deranged woman was removed from the premises.

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It wasn’t the first time Kelly was disruptive and removed from a location.  This past summer she popped into a Donald Trump rally is Cedar Rapids, Iowa and yelled a vulgarity at him while he spoke.

‘You f***ing Nazi!’ Melissa Jo Kelly held up a sign with the word ‘racism’ behind the international ‘no’ sign – a red circle with a diagonal slash through it.

The crowd quickly turned on the deranged Kelly and the very police she was bad mouthing in this video, protected her as she was escorted out.

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  1. LEO

    Bless them … I understand she’s old and LOOPY … but I’m pretty sure I’d “escorted” her out of that place a little sooner … with or without her cooperation. But yes, they did an excellent job and still accomplished the same thing.

  2. USA1947

    That lady is bat-shit crazy…she relies on our Constitution to be a bitch. BTW, thanks to the Officer who was in the video…very calm and professional.

  3. Mike Klarman

    You can’t fix crazy! Wow, what s disgusting nut job this woman is. What’s she think she’s 17 years old with her “Po-Po” crap. Lady, why don’t you go to S

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