Actor Star Tells African-Americans To Boycott Work For BLM To ‘Matter’

Actor Isaiah Washington called on African-Americans to boycott work on Monday for Black Lives Matter to really “matter.”

The 53-year-old “Grey’s Anatomy” star wrote a lengthy post on his Facebook account saying that blacks should stay home from work on Monday if they really are “fed up” following recent police involved shootings.

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  1. Katrina

    If Mr. Washington is so fond of boycotting, why didn’t he refuse to appear for an episode? Show those people who he wants to put their jobs in jeopardy how he is willing to jeopardize his. Seems he is looking for publicity and is willing to risk their jobs and lively hoods, but not his own. A loyal “friend” of the cause — as long as there is no risk for him. Zero respect for him. (don’t care for his acting, either)

  2. pen44

    Most of the protesters don’t have jobs to boycott……SMHID

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