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The Defense Of Colin Kaepernick

The Defense Of Colin Kaepernick

San Francisco back-up Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has made Ryan Lochte’s week.

Kaepernick has struggled on the field but we are pretty certain that by not standing for the National Anthem in protest of police officers getting away with murder, among his other complaints, he has had some struggles off the field as well.

Here at Law Officer, we tend to see it for what it is.  A young man, influenced by others that believes the media hype of racism and law enforcement.  While law enforcement must improve in this area, to say it is systemic or anything close to “common” would be irresponsible at best and there are many that are.

We have noticed the countless individuals coming to the aid of Kaepernick.  He is being defended mightily for not standing, wearing a Fidel Castro shirt and just about anything else he has said.

We aren’t here to pile on but it is ironic that the same individuals that want to make excuses for Kaepernick, that give him the benefit of the doubt are the same ones that will blast law enforcement before any facts or information is released.

We have seen it over and over and over.  There is no grace to the law enforcement officer and there certainly is no forgiveness.  Many, like Stacy Ettel, will have their lives ruined for doing nothing but their job.  Others will be shamed and mocked to the point that they leave the profession.

For a young, influenced man like Colin Kaepernick, we are glad he will not be treated like the average police officer just doing their job.  We wouldn’t wish that on anyone, whether they stand for the National Anthem or not.

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