Update To Dozens Of Working Dogs Massacred

We received a ton of feedback on our article last week that was originally posted at SOFREP.  The feedback went from anger to more anger and rightfully so.  Thankfully, our good friends at SOFREP have posted an update:

Last week, photos of dead working dogs surfaced from Kuwait showing the unnecessary killing of at least 24 working dogs after Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) cancelled the contract with Eastern Securities. KNPC ended the contract with E Sec after their dogs failed to detect explosives in an explosive detection test during training.

Following the initial SOFREP article, we spoke to many of the vendors and K9 trainers that have interacted with E Sec in the past decade. In particular USK9 Unlimited, has been very active in helping to track down the facts of the case even though they have not had any direct interactions with E Sec since 2009. USK9 Unlimited wants to convey that they condemn such a gross and vile act against defenseless animals. USK9 Unlimited believes that the dogs that they sold to E-Sec have already been medically retired as the last dog sold to them was in 2008. The timeline still has some holes, as some vendors and trainers don’t want to come forward due to the circumstances of the incident. Here is a broad timeline of what we know so far……

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  1. lololuvs

    that POS with his foot on that k9 soldier? I want to punch his face in! what nerve he has dis-honoring that hero!

  2. ahaz

    It’s certainly sad to see these animals destroyed. But the significant detail that should be examined was the inaccuracy of these animals. Study after study has demonstrated that these animal’s accuracy is no better than a coin flip, yet the SCOTUS seems to believe that they are sufficient to generate probable cause.

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