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Florida Police K-9 Killed After Mistaken For Coyote

Florida Police K-9 Killed After Mistaken For Coyote

Broward County (FL) K9 Pedro was shot and killed when he was mistaken for a coyote on May 14th.

Pedro lived with Broward County Sheriff’s Sergeant Ian Sklar.

The Sun Sentinel reports that the dog got out of Sklar’s fenced-in yard while running after an animal.

When Pedro startled neighbor Frank Degati, he yelled out.

Frank Degati’s son, John, grabbed his Sig Sauer 9-mm gun and fired 10 rounds at what he thought was a coyote.

Pedro died at the scene. He was four years old and had worked at the department for the last two years.

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  1. LegalBeagle

    Completely preventable. I have had big protective dogs for for about 30 years now, including one who was flat out dangerous to strangers due to his genetics. They stay in the house almost all of the time for their own well-being; I have a 6′ foot fence with padlocked gates, and the dogs are only out for a few minutes at a time except when we are on walks.

    Will the agency have the integrity to do an IA and address the discipline issue?

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