‘Florida Georgia Line’: We Support The Police

‘Florida Georgia Line’:  We Support The Police

Law Officer was contacted by representatives of the band,  ‘Florida Georgia Line’ today after we ran a story yesterday in regards to an encounter they had with an Iowa Sheriff.   The band wanted to express their support for law enforcement.  Here is their statement:

You won’t find two guys who are more supportive of the police than we are. What happened over the weekend was a misunderstanding that was blown out of proportion and taken out of context. There is nothing more to this story beyond our team feeling that it would be redundant for us to use local authorities when we are already covered. Our management is routinely asked if they need help from local law enforcement for additional security backstage at concerts, which is common among touring acts. Some acts accept the offer, but most don’t because they have their own security, or the promoters provide it. We have an enormous amount of respect for the brave men and women who protect our communities and allow us and our fans to have a good time at our shows. Nothing is more important than our fans’ safety. We are lovers of all people, and want to be a part of the change that is needed right now. We encourage everyone to do the same. Let’s love one another.

BK and Tyler

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  1. Joseph Clark

    Given a choice as between believing the police or these two chuckleheads, I’ll take the police every time.

  2. Mishelle Whitmire

    No one believes you!! People who say this kind of thing are the FIRST ones to call the police when THEY NEED HELP!!!

  3. Lee Jones

    Sorry ass, non country wanna be rappers at best.

  4. Christian Cherniss

    Yeah sure

  5. Hal Slusher

    We got caught so we are doing Hillary It was a video

  6. Edward Thompson

    So you don’t want cops backstage? I wonder what illegal activities you’re engaging in that you don’t want cops to witness? Your apology isn’t an apology it is a sad remark at best. You need to go get with the Dixie dirtbags.

  7. Lori Silverstein

    They will never get a dime out of me. But then again, they never made any type of lasting impression on me either. I guess I figured, with attitudes like that, they DID NOT NEED ME or my MONEY!

  8. William A Palmer

    Yeah, now you’re big supporters of law enforcement. What a surprise.

  9. Countrygirl73

    I don’t believe a single word that their publicist or manager wrote for them. They probably have no idea what was released to the public.
    Also if they have such wonderful security why did they need to call the Officer’s for assistance to get out of town?? Their security should be able to come up with a plan for that. It’s their job, right??
    Was their security out amount the fans in all sections, keeping everyone safe?? Or were they just blocking the stage?
    I’m a country music fan and these two are not Country!! Their just plain Divas who can’t sing!!

  10. Daniel Bowen

    Screw y’all bitches. Just turned my CDs into targets…….pull boom lmao. Dumbass bitches

  11. james black

    Fuck those 2 faggots,fake country music anyway

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