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Woman Shot In Stadium At St. Louis Cardinals Game

Woman Shot In Stadium At St. Louis Cardinals Game

Photo Courtesy:  Wikipedia

Fox 2 reports that a 34-year-old woman was reportedly grazed by a bullet a Cardinals baseball game Tuesday night. She was in Busch stadium when a bullet hit her in the elbow.Her seat was near the Cardinal’s dugout.

A police report says that she felt a pain in her arm while she was at her seat. She noticed a small abrasion above her elbow when she took off her jacket.  The bullet was found near her seat.

The woman went to one of Busch Stadium’s first aid stations for treatment.

The woman did not want to be treated at the hospital. She describes the injury as a flesh wound.

It is unclear where the gunshot came from.  Police say the shot may have come from outside the stadium. They are still investigating the shooting.


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