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Watch Deputy Crash Into Car At 104 MPH

The violent crash that investigators say happened at 104 mph led to the arrest of a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy and left another man with serious injuries.

Deputy Brandon Hegele’s trial on a charge of reckless driving is scheduled to start the last week of August.

The crash that led to Hegele’s arrest happened May 7, 2016 and sent then 60-year-old Harry Deshommes to the hospital.

Deshommes had a brain injury, fractured skull, a broken left arm, back, ribs and pelvis and had to have his spleen removed, according to court documents.

Brandon Hegele was driving 104 mph westbound on Southern Boulevard when he plowed into the Smart car Deshommes was driving, investigators say.

At the time of the crash, Hegele was on the lookout for a suspect vehicle in connection to a felony, but investigators said he was told three times not to pursue or try to stop the vehicle.

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  1. shooter2009

    Proof that smart cars are death traps.

  2. Samuel Fivey

    That was unacceptable. Not only does there not appear to be any justification for it, IF the article is accurate the deputy was repeatedly told to terminate. We hurt a citizen, regardless of his responsibility, and we got a cop hurt. Again, unacceptable. Are our peers and subordinates NOT listening to the messages from Below 100 and other programs?

  3. Robert Booster

    I wouldnt condone the actions of the Deputy, however, had the operator of the smartcar looked before changing lanes he wouldnt have gotten smoked.

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