Unicorn Leads California Police on Chase

A pony dressed as a unicorn lead California Highway Patrol on a four-hour chase through the streets of Madera County, Calif., Wednesday night.

The white pony, named Juliet, doubles as a unicorn for photo shoots with her owner photographer Sandra Boos.

Boos said Juliet makes a lot of “dreams come true” for little girls during the photoshoots.

On Wednesday night, Juliet decided to make a dream of her own come true. Freedom.

While her owner was taking photos of a group of young children, Juliet made her move.

Donning her mythical unicorn horn, Juliet “threw up her head” and “pulled the lead rope” out of a bystander’s hands and ran, Boos said.

The California Highway Patrol tried for almost four hours to catch Juliet on the ground, as a helicopter helped track the horse from the air, Boos said.

Juliet eluded all efforts at capture, until Boos’ friend rode up on a horse.

“When Juliet saw [the woman’s] horse, Shady, she came running,” Boos said.

To her owner’s relief, Juliet followed the horse into a nearby pen.

“I was standing with highway patrol when the call came over the radio, and they said ‘the unicorn is in custody,'” Boos said.

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