Tulsa Public Schools Allow Students To Walk Out Of School For Protesting

Tulsa Public Schools Allow Students To Walk Out Of School For Protesting

According to the Tulsa World, the Tulsa Public School System sent out instructions this morning that permits students to walk out of school to protest the verdict in the Terrence Crutcher case.

“The role of the staff is to remain calm and supportive,” the memo titled “School Wide Plan For Walkout.”

A “designated” area was set up for the protests and students were told that there would not be counted absent if they choose to walk out.

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  1. Chris Cunningham

    This needs to be spread all over. TPS needs to be made out as asses. This is the supreme height of ignorance.

  2. Chris Cunningham

    I can’t believe this is happening. This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. A Walkout???? After seeing this I WILL NOT SUPPORT ANY TAX OR BOND ISSUE THAT WILL GIVE THE SCHOOLS ONE THIN DIME. NOR WILL I SUPPORT ANY LEGISLATION THAT WILL IN ANY WAY INCREASE TEACHER PAY. How about school staff pull their politically correct heads out of their asses. Better yet, how about educating your students not to get high on PCP, then fail to comply with lawful directions given by an officer. While you’re at it, you might point out that walking out in the real world will result in being fired from your job.

  3. LegalBeagle

    What an example to set – protest the correct and lawful verdict in a case that was filed only because the DA is a low functioning coward with no understanding of the law, ethics, and tactics. Great. Create another generation of apologists for the criminally feral, and nourish the asinine “thoughts” involved in this mindset.

  4. spike

    So tell a kid “you can walk out of school and no foul” – what do you think will be the response from a huge percentage of those kids?! If all of one’s friends are demonstrating – well that sounds fun, doesn’t matter what the “cause”! Are there any adults in the room?

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