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Thin Blue Line Flag Declared Nazi Symbol

Thin Blue Line Flag Declared Nazi Symbol

The “Thin Blue Line” flag and the Police Officer mourning band are now declared fascist, white nationalist, and Neo-Nazi according to a flyer warning those that are planning to attend a rally at Boston Common on Saturday.

The police flags are listed as “White Nationalists, Neo Nazi and Alt Right Symbols and Logos.”

“Learn to identify these symbols and let anyone displaying them know that they are not welcome in our city” is what the bottom of the flyer says.

Boston Common is a central public park in downtown Boston, Massachusetts.  Dating back to 1634, it is the oldest city park in the United States.

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  1. backingblue

    When I first bought this American thin blue line flag and had lots of people compliment me on it. It’s disgusting that the thin blue line symbol meant to show support for law enforcement is now being used as a hate symbol. SMH

  2. Blackhawkdown

    Great BLM is going to start terrorist training in grade school. I believe ISIS is doing the same training.

  3. Irish856

    Where do I get one of those thin blue line stickers?

    I want to tick off the far leftists

  4. Marie Migliore

    Just reading through some of the comments here – Use some common sense – some critical thinking its really not hard to do but seems to be something too many have forgotten how to use – This flyer is not produced by antifa – its not produced by any left – liberal group period. Stop buying the b.s. Seriously – hello McFly – it even lists “Infowars” – This is just another piece of propaganda produced by the groups who organized the rally – They do this stuff all the time – staged – Just like the big in fear of their safety – Just like the mysterious snowflake ninjas all dressed in black that just so happen to show up at every Milo appearance. Common Sense People! Who would something like this benefit? – and remember the idiot and chief who makes sure to follow the misinformation and fake news – Suddenly this is an anti police protest – 40k people came out for an anti police protest – Yup right –

    • thinkingforyourself

      well isnt it special your liberal apologetic ass is here to straighten everyone out.

    • d gasawa

      If there were an idiot in the office of chief, he would be the idiot in chief, not the idiot and chief. Can you provide a link to back up your accusation against infowar?

    • LegalBeagle

      Infowars is certainly not credible. However, I saw this on the identified Facebook page of a Boston chapter of Antifa. Remember that they are nothing but violent criminals and that anything that looks like the rule of law offends them.

  5. Murphy's Mom

    Whatever group is posting this is relying on the ignorance of their audience to spread their own version of hate, bias and prejudice.

  6. Rock

    Stomp some ass. We wouldn’t put up with this BS from a spoiled child, why should we be expected to from an aggressive useless adult?

    Touch me. I dare you.

  7. Barry W Gaugler

    There is no cure for stupid. 🙁

  8. Lori Silverstein

    OK, this article failed to identify the responsible party (ies) involved with creating and distributing said posters.

    • Warren N Jennifer

      Agree. I do not see it on the Boston Police twitter account and not with the screen shot from of their Twitter post. This seems misleading as the Boston Police put out this poster. Please clarify this.

    • LegalBeagle

      Based on other links I’ve seen that took me to that page, it is from an “Antifa” facebook page. No surprise – they are just another terrorist group and living under their vision for world would not be measurably different from that of the right wing kooks. Your critique is valid – the source of information matters. There is another article here in which the local chapter of BLM in Bloomington-Normal (IL – a twin city) made similar claims.

      • Teddy

        Most of the antifa are kids, at least the ones I saw on the news during Berkley. They were no older than 13-14 and probably at that “fighting with parents” age. Some of them probably have police officers for parents… The rest are thugs and so are the New Panthers and BLM. The country goes crazy over a handful of white supremacist and in the meantime you have thousands of racist black groups, anti-American muslim groups, MS-13 and I’m sure the list goes on. Once again the left is trying to fool the country.

        • HaakonKL

          In Europe they’re more organized and they do a lot more crap. In Sweden they’re 95% of the politically motivated violence, and the remaining 5% is neo-nazis and conservatives (AntiFA sees little to no difference) defending themselves against AntiFA attacks. (The Swedish documentary “Det Goda VĂ„ldet” goes into this in great detail.)

          So while they may not be a large established group now, they may become so later. And you’ll have one more group of violent idiots. Isn’t life grand?

        • origionalwinja

          They’re all in their 20’s and college students living in parents basement. The girl that got smashed in the face for violently attacking someone was a hairy porn star

    • HaakonKL

      It’s AntiFA. It’s a bunch of absolute… well I’ll mind my language here, but they’re the communists who keep torching cities in Europe whenever there’s a G20 meeting or similar. They also beat up people they suspect of being a nazi or fascist (or votes conservative), and the media loves them, because they create great dramatic scenes that makes for terrific TV and newspaper coverage.

      If you like violent communists that burn down the houses of people they suspect of being “fascist” then you’ll love AntiFA!

      • Allan DeGroot

        I think the word you are looking foe here is “SCUM” because calling them “human sewage” is too hard to type. DO NOT BE AFRAID to “INSULT SUB-HUMAN SCUM” FOR BEING “SUB-HUMAN SCUM”

    • origionalwinja

      The fascist group antifa or some other idiot libtard group is responsible.

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