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Texas Agency Places Bible Verse on Uniform Patch

Texas Agency Places Bible Verse on Uniform Patch

The Diboll (TX) Police Department is hoping to place a Bible verse on their shoulder patches.

Several departments nationwide have been using “In God We Trust” on their vehicles and buildings but Diboll is hoping to take that further.

Each element of the proposed patch carries some sort of meaning.

The blue border, the black background, the silver star and the blue line all mean something. Below those is a reference to the Gospel of Matthew 5:7 which is the Sermon on the Mount.

Diboll Police Chief Steve Baker designed the patch and it was the violence against law enforcement that motivated him in the design.

“When I started designing the patch I wanted to kind of a reference to what we do.”

The agency is not wearing the patch yet.  They are awaiting the department attorney’s opinion but if they are told they can’t place the verse on the patch, Chief Baker says he will place “In God We Trust.”

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