Spike Lee Questions Teams For Not Signing Colin Kaepernick

Photo Courtesy:  @officialspikelee/Instagram

Film director Spike Lee suggested Sunday in an Instagram post that one of his hometown teams — the New York Jets — should sign the unemployed quarterback.

“The New York J-E-T-S Need A Quarterback,” wrote Lee, who said he spoke with Kaepernick over brunch. “Who Is The J-E-T-S Quarterback? Is My Man Joe Willie Namath Coming Back? Crazy Times We Live In.”

Lee used his post to rail against the NFL for excluding Kaepernick, who ignited a firestorm last fall because he refused to stand for the national anthem as a way to protest police racism.

Lee said it “Smells MAD Fishy To Me, Stinks To The High Heavens” that Kaepernick, who opted out of his San Francisco 49ers contract, still doesn’t have a job.

ESPN reports that Kaepernick will stand for the national anthem during the 2017 season.

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  1. Russ

    kaepernick is a loser, his numbers have tanked, and he is more trouble than anyone wants to take on. there are dozens of quality players not making $17 million who would be happy for the shot this nitwit has had

  2. Charles W. Sharpe

    Ok Spike, if you want a QB for the Jets, Go sign A. J. McCarron from the Bengals.

  3. Chas

    Besides the fact that he is a complete jerk he is a lousy player. And that puts you right at the same level for asking that stupid question.

  4. Cyndi Froehlich

    Well let’s see . . . He’s a disrespectful piece of crap! I would be embarrassed to have him on my “team”! He has not worked a hard day in his life, nor has he had to worry about money for the majority of his life!! & to boot, he made that stupid A$$ statement when wearing the “pig” socks 🙁 I have NO use for him!

  5. Al DiBello

    No one wants a loser

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