SHOT Show: Day 3

Jeff Chudwin and Kim Heath continue Law Officer’s coverage of the 2016 SHOT Show.  This is their coverage from Day 3.

Nexbelt with cloth design and open style bucket. Credit: Kim Heath

Nexbelt with cloth design and open style bucket. Credit: KH

Nexbelt is producing a really clever belt buckle system that uses a ratcheting system to give maximum comfort and fit. Available in both leather and cloth and many buckle designs, these are reinforced for handgun holster carry. Great concept, design, and quality.  Find out more at:

When I workout and run I use a Pistol Wear carry system to conceal my pistol and accessories. It is very soft and does not chafe against bare skin. The material and design is really excellent and very much recommended. I met with the company reps and they have a new design that is a better fit for most smaller handguns.  Find out more at:

PistolWear concealed carry rig for covert carry. Credit: Kim Heath

Ear protection is vital and once we damage our hearing, it is gone for good. Too often we use poorly fitting foam plugs. A new product we found is Flugz molded ear plugs.  The design allows you to mold the plugs at home using hot water to soften the plug for a custom fit to your ear. I fit mine at the booth with water heated in a microwave. Low cost and this should be with every officer exposed to high levels of noise on the range. You can hear conversation when worn and they offer 21 db noise reduction.  Find out more at:

FLUGZ moldable ear plugs. Credit: Kim Heath

FLUGZ moldable ear plugs. Credit: Kim Heath

Tactical Medical Solutions have been providing emergency field gear to our police officers for a number of years. My training partners and I carry at least one SOFT-W tourniquet and several of their OLAES pressure bandages. But how do you carry these items on you when space is limited? I checked out their new  carry system that fits under your uniform shirt and attaches to your

Tourniquet & med gear carrier under uniform. Credit: KH

Tourniquet & med gear carrier under uniform. Credit: Kim Heath

body armor. Tac Med is also bringing out a new ankle holster for carrying a tornequit. I tested their first design for over two years and it is so light, you don’t know you have it on. Ankle carry is the way to go when you want concealment or belt / pocket space is not there. For plain clothes, protective details, or off duty, I very much recommend you keep your gear on you. In your car is not going to work when faced with life threatening blood loss. Find out more at:

Gerber continues to make quality and innovative multi tools. Their new “Short Stack” is a multi layer AR-15 tool that fits in a MagPul AR pistol grip. It includes everything from screw and nut driver ends to a buffer tube castle nut wrench. They also have a writing pen with a glass break tip.  Find out more at:

Gerber Short Stack AR-15 multi-tool, Credit: Kim Heath

Gerber Short Stack AR-15 multi-tool, Credit: Kim Heath

Tim Wegner at BLADETECH Holsters has new designs for concealed carry. I saw the new ambidexterous concealed carry holster system at the NRA Show last April. Tim and crew are working on injection molding that looks like Kydex and has a very clean look. I like the design of the new holster and mag pouch and will be testing it out.  Find out more at:

Injection Molded Mag Pouches by Blade-Tech. Credit: Kim Heath

Injection Molded Mag Pouches by Blade-Tech. Credit: Kim Heath

Jeff Chudwin is the Law Officer Tactical Ops columnist. He’s also the 2009 Law Officer Trainer of the Year.  He served 38 years and retired as the Chief of Police for the Village of Olympia Fields. A former Assistant States Attorney, he continues to  provided training to police officers and agencies on legal and practical issues of police use of force, tactical firearms training and employment, and officer survival and success at conferences throughout the country.

 Chief Chudwin is a founding member and serves as the current president of the Illinois Tactical Officers Association (ITOA).


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