Sheriff Says Deputies Will Never Use Narcan

Butler County (OH) Sheriff Richard K. Jones said his deputies don’t use Narcan now and never will under his watch, despite its effectiveness in reversing the effects of heroin overdoses.

Fox 19 reports that he is the only southwestern Ohio sheriff whose department doesn’t use it.

The county is on track to break last year’s record for the highest number of overdose deaths.

The Sheriff said when people who overdose are revived, they’re often violent and not too thrilled to wake up and see deputies.

Sheriff Jones said that  emergency medical technicians on ambulances will carry and use Narcan.


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  1. David Castle

    I don’t understand the sheriffs argument? I’m sure law enforcement will still be on scene because it’s an “unsafe scene” for EMS….. It takes 20 seconds to handcuff the patient’s hands (officer safety along with protective custody) and then give the Narcan… Win/Win, patient wakes up and can’t fight because they have pretty bracelets on and they are revived from the OD. This is a sheriff that isn’t compassionate for an epidemic problem….

  2. Katrina

    It is a medication. With the number of people trying to sue police departments, Narcan would surely be used to file one eventualy. Let the medical professionals hande the medications. Police are expected to be experts in far to many areas as it is.

  3. Count_Iblis

    I agree with the Sheriff. All narcan does in perpetuate the problem. Let them go.

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