Seattle Police Change ‘Suspect’ To ‘Community Member’ On Reports

When Seattle police officers write use of force reports they no longer call a suspect a suspect.

“Community member” is the new term. Several officers say the term is offensive, explaining their work with violent suspects.

Sources point to the suspect who shot three officers last month after a downtown Seattle armed robbery. When officers involved in that incident were writing their use of force reports they were required to refer to the shooter, Damarius Butts, as a “community member,” not a suspect, police sources said.

Police fatally shot Butts after they said he shot the officers.

“I think this is all in an effort to make sure our report writing sounds politically correct,” Seattle Police Officers’ Guild Kevin Stuckey told KIRO 7.

The online use of force reporting system, called Blue Team, is used for more than just use of force reports and while the terminology changed for multiple forms, it’s only in the use of force reports that officers find offensive.

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  1. Kathy Bosi

    Has everyone gone mad!!!

  2. Michael Hughes Sr.

    I thought it was BS when they had us start calling suspects “a person of interest.” Now look where we are.

  3. Ghern Blanstien

    This is really stupid. You have to wonder how so many idiots have control of the governments on the West Coast . That’s the real Russian influence on our system.

    They’re laughing their azzes off when they get shite like this to pass muster.

    Putin be like; hey Boris check it out those dumbazzez will do anything if you pay’em enough. Only he’s saying it in Russian.


  4. Phil Wells

    Don’t they realize Obama is out? time to grow up

  5. baitmando

    Good God the left is insane.

  6. Elessar

    It is offensive!! The police officers are 100% correct!

  7. Van Hamlin

    We call probationers “clients”, the mentally ill “comsumers” and now suspects are “community members.” I guess that makes us “armed social scientists (ASS).

  8. Dan Topp

    That’s the kind of sickos that are driving major taxpayers like me to relocate to a less progressive state to live.If you have anything to lose you leave.

  9. Manuel Delgadillo

    So we will call a rapist a community entertainer! A thief a community borrower and this Seattle Chief and an idiot!

    • Sherlene Stroud

      An idiot of the highest regard! Our country has gone insane. It is being run by the hippies of the 60’s and 70’s! Unless we stand together and say enough is enough it will not stop!

      • Mark Dominic Mangiardi

        Not hippies but yippies and weathermen! Like Bill Ayers, Barack Obama and other communists.

  10. justice007

    As a former Chief there is no way I would ask, order, demand, expect, or permit my officers to use the term “community member” when writing any report. I would also refuse any such request from any civilian who happened to be an elected official and then try to educate them that using such terminology is an insult to all members of the community since using the term in the manner requested suggests every citizen has committed a criminal act or is a criminal. Besides, what if this “suspect” was from out of town? Since they were not a “Community Member” would they then be labeled a “suspect” which would then indicate discriminatory bias on the part of the city?

    • Grumpy Ol Fart

      It’s only going to get worse.

    • Jay Wolf

      Maybe ALL the members of that community are suspects?

      • justice007

        That’s one way to look at it but the point is law enforcement have referred to people suspected of committing a crime as “suspects” since LE became a profession and this nonsense is just PC BS from elected Libtards.

    • Katrina

      Exactly! You have made the best points with the reference to the rest of the community and the out of towner. Is this country so prosperous that we can afford to pay people to come up with this drivel? Sounds to me that someone needs their job eliminated.

    • Dunkel

      The whole PC thing can get pretty convoluted and silly. Like when Americans go to different countries and call black people African-American. “Why are you calling me African-American? I’m British!”

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