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Police Shoot, Kill Cannibal While He Was Eating Woman

Police Shoot, Kill Cannibal While He Was Eating Woman

Photo:: Courtesy Facebook, Aphiwe Mapekula

A Cannibal was caught by South African Police earlier this month eating a woman when officers opened fire on him.

Aphiwe Mapekula, 23,  had beheaded the victim and was eating part of the body when police arrived after being called by the suspect’s mother.

Police reportedly fired several warning shots but he continued to bite into the flesh.

At one point, Mapekula turned towards officers with a knife and he was shot.

He later died in the hospital.

The Sun reports that it is the second cannibal case to hit South Africa in three weeks.

Six men are in custody after a woman was reportedly raped, murdered and butchered before parts of her were eaten in Estcourt.

And in Nigeria, a man was accused of giving guests soup from a murdered clergyman’s corpse.



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    Apparently Albinos are hunted and killed and their body parts and bones are used in potions, by witch doctors, that are supposed to bring you wealth and luck

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