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Police Release Video Of Deadly Shooting After Officers Receive Death Threats

Police Release Video Of Deadly Shooting After Officers Receive Death Threats

After social media exploded in North Little Rock (AR) over the weekend following an officer involved shooting, Chief Mike Davis released video of the incident.

The fatal encounter between police and 17-year-old Charles Smith, Jr. was caught on dash cam video but that didn’t stop the allegations of police abuse and murder.

Such is the times that we are in.  Emotions trump facts and even with clear and convincing video, some in the community will simply blame the police.

Police said that the shooting occurred after officers stopped a vehicle for excessive speed and a non-functioning headlight about 1 a.m. Sunday at West 52nd Street and Camp Robinson Road. The vehicle was occupied by the driver, the front passenger, and Smith, who was the right, rear passenger.

In the video, officers note the driver’s nervousness during a patdown and are granted permission to search the vehicle. The driver and front passenger then exit the car and sit on the sidewalk.

Police say Smith also exited the vehicle and, during a patdown for weapons, was told three times to stop reaching in his waistband. Davis says police found a small bag of marijuana in his pocket, but as officer’s continued the patdown, authorities say Smith attempted to gain control of a handgun and flee, at which point he was taken to the ground.

The encounter begins at the 4 minute mark.

During the struggle with police, Smith can be heard saying, “I can’t go to jail.”

The police chief says one officer attempted to deploy a Taser but was unsuccessful.

An officer is then heard saying, “It’s a ****ing gun.”

According to the police chief, the video then shows Smith pulling a handgun from his waistband and firing a shot that almost hit the two people sitting on the sidewalk and a second shot that almost struck an officer in the face.

Davis says an officer near Smith returned fire as other officers also fired at “very close range.”

Smith died at the scene from his injuries.

Davis says officers later recovered a stolen gun located on the driver’s side floorboard of the vehicle.

At this time, the police department has not released the names of the officers who fired shots as it takes steps to make sure they are safe. According to the chief, the department and officers have both received death threats.


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