Police Officer Tries To Calm Driver By Saying “We Only Kill Black People”

Video from a police car’s dash camera shows an officer attempting to calm a nervous driver during a DUI stop by telling her “We only kill black people.”

The video was obtained by WSB Channel 2 in Atlanta. The woman can be heard telling the officer she’s afraid to move her hands because of recent police-involved shootings.

“Remember, we only kill black people. We only kill black people, right?” the officer from Cobb County tells the woman

The traffic stop occurred in July.  Lt. Greg Abbot was the officer in the video.

The department has confirmed the comments and Abbott has been placed on administrative duties while the incident is investigated.

Lance LoRusso, the lawyer for Abbott, says the officer was trying to “de-escalate a situation involving an uncooperative passenger.”

“In context, his comments were clearly aimed at attempting to gain compliance by using the passenger’s own statements and reasoning to avoid making an arrest,” LoRusso says.

We are concerned about Lt. Abbot and what some will try to do and say to him based on this comment.

The truth is that Lt. Abbot has an excellent reputation without any complaints of racism and anyone that listens to the entire conversation in context will know exactly what he is doing but this is 2017 and a small fraction of the public will use whatever they can to attack law enforcement.

Abbot is dealing with a non-compliant driver and he turns her fear away by telling her that the only people she says on TV shot by police are black,  She agrees and the conversation continues.

In short, Abbot is using the information he is being presented to try to calm the citizen down.  At the same time, he’s pointing out the rigged media and their focus on blacks when he and every other police officers knows that twice as many whites are shot by the police than minorities.

He doesn’t say that because that would not calm her down.

We encourage Abbot to surround himself with friends and family and get ready for the cop haters to come out of the closets.  This will pass and we certainly hope that there is leadership in his agency that can see this for what it is and not what those that hate will try to say and do.


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  1. LegalBeagle

    I am one of the last people who should ever criticize sarcasm and a failure to shut up instead of stuffing a foot in the mouth up to the hip, but in today’s setting this was not a sound choice. We have so many inaccurate perceptions of law enforcement conduct based on the lies of loud groups of disingenuous apologists for the criminally feral, reckless repeated by a sloppy and incompetent media and rarely corrected or even contradicted by command staff cowards, that officers have to keep that in the back of their mind. I understand what the Lt. was thinking and why … but it was not a path I can advocate. Cop humor should not be made public; it tends to be harsh and results from experiences that few others can understand.

  2. Bill

    Along with “How to Save for Retirement” and “Don’t Buy A Corvette You Can’t Afford As Soon As You Get Your First Job” every basic academy needs a block of instruction on how to apply the brakes to your mouth before it skids out of control.

  3. RepackRider

    If there four times as many whites as black in this country, and a white person is only TWICE as likely to be shot by police, that is a chilling indictment of how many black people get shot.

    How many police officer were killed last year by unarmed black men? None. Now, how many unarmed black men were killed by police? About one a week. An unarmed black man is in serious danger in the presence of police.

    • Barbara Ray-Velazquez

      According to DOJ statistics (you cannot name your source) in 2016, 2500 Blacks were killed. 2000 of them were killed by Black people. It is more likely that a Black person will be killed by a Black person and that goes across the board for Whites, Hispanics and Asians. I have not seen any statistics on how many Blacks were killed by cops. I have noticed that in the cases that are sensationalized by the media they, by a majority, share one common denominator..,the suspects will not follow orders to stop resisting, show their hands or stop reaching for something. Blacks are not the only people to ever had a gun pointed at them. Despite my name. I am Caucasian of Scot/Irish descent…fair skinned…I was stopped by a cop leaving my place of employment very late one night. He asked me to roll my window down. My window handle was not attached properly and it had fallen to the floor. I reached for it. I instantly, was staring down the barrel of a gun. I stopped, put my hands on the steering wheel and told the cop loudly through the closed window, that my handle had fallen to the floor. I kept my hands in plain sight while he opened the door and retrieved the handle, Had I continued to reach for that shiny silver handle I would not be here typing this.

  4. KwaneYarnell

    Finally … a law enforcement officer who tells the truth.

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