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Police Department Quits In Alaska Town

Police Department Quits In Alaska Town

An Alaskan city was left without a police force after its entire department quit.

Within days, the members of the police department of Sand Point – located on Popof Island east of the Alaska Peninsula – resigned one by one, the Alaska Dispatch News reported.

The resignations started last month during the height of the summer commercial fishing season in Sand Point, which is home to the largest fleet of commercial fishing vessels in the Aleutian region.

The agency had four officers and each one quit at different times for various reasons.

The city of Sand Point had issued a message for its residents after being left without any law enforcement, saying that the police force was “in transition” and that citizens should “rest assured that the community will NOT be in a lawless state,” the Alaska Dispatch News reported.

Sand Point had no police department for five days before the city hired an interim police chief.

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