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Police Chief Involved in Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit Resigns

Police Chief Involved in Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit Resigns

West De Moines Police Chief Shaun LaDue has resigned at the request of city leaders, according to a news report from The Des Moines Register.

However, city officials did not confirm whether LaDue’s resignation was related to a sexual discrimnation lawsuit, or the testimony he provided on November 9, 2016.

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LaDue testifed that he sent several text messages relating to the case—and deleted at least one of them—and used (emoji-like) symbols to refer to the defendant after her attorneys requested evidence in the case.

The case was filed by Sgt. Tanya Zaglauer Schmell, the first female sergeant of the West Des Moines Police Department. Sgt. Zaglauer Schmell jointly filed the sexual discrimination lawsuit along with two other women, who have since settled their lawsuits.

A former animal control officer, Carol Grass, settled her lawsuit against LaDue and received $30,000. A former crime analyst, Alice Wisner, settled her lawsuit and received $150,000.

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