Police Called After KFC Runs Out Of Chicken

There is panic on the streets of London.

It’s been the fourth day of a chicken shortage with area KFC’s. Called the ‘KFC crisis’, more than half of its 900 UK stores closed due to a chicken shortage.

Frustrated chicken lovers resorted to contacting the the police, who warned “fried chicken is not a police matter”.

Staff keen to get back to work reportedly took matters into their own hands, and KFC told The Telegraph it is “urgently investigating” an incident in Kent where workers were seen smuggling what looked like meat from the local butcher into the back door of the premises. The chain is also looking into reports that staff members in West London approached a local butcher to ask for all their chicken stock.

The fried chicken company has said it has strict food safety policies in place, and staff should not be taking chicken from local butchers.

The shortage appears to be indefinite, as the company said it is unclear when it will be resolved.

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