Officer Shot In Leg After His Gun Went Off Spontaneously

An officer shot by his own weapon last week didn’t have his hands anywhere near his gun, Winnipeg police say.

The bullet severed three arteries and the officer likely saved his life by quickly tying the wound off with a tourniquet.

The officer was taking part in a firearms training course when he and his partner went to a store on Taylor Avenue to get some lunch about 1 p.m.

The officer, who had his gun in his holster, opened the car door with one hand while holding his lunch with the other.

As the officer sat down, the gun went off, shooting him in the lower leg.

Police are investigating whether the weapon was faulty and if there have been similar incidents in other police departments.

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  1. Gary Pumphrey

    All is good-it was a Jedi mind trick…….

  2. Thaddeus Carpenter

    Was a G35. Something was touching the trigger that shouldn’t have been. Betting the safety between the ears failed.

  3. zlittle

    Would be nice to know what make/model it is.

  4. irongrampa

    Had the weapon been a 1911, that would NEVER have occurred.

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