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Officer Hit With His Own Handcuffs, Gun Stolen During Protest

Officer Hit With His Own Handcuffs, Gun Stolen During Protest

An LAPD officer is recovering after being hit in the head with handcuffs by a protester during an anti-Trump rally, according to an NBC4 Los Angeles news report.

The woman suspected of assaulting the officer—with his own handcuffs—has been arrested. Some 185 other people were arrested in total during the protest as well.

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On Thursday, November 10, protestors gathered to demonstrate against president-elect Donald Trum. Officers ordered an aggressive group of protestors to disperse.

During the protest, several protestors began to destroy and vandalize property. And a plainclothes LAPD officer approached a man involved in such activity, who was allegedly spray-painting property.

The man became verbally and then physically combative. During the struggle, which became a ground fight, the officer reportedly lost his gun and handcuffs. The woman picked up the handcuffs and assaulted the officer.

The officer’s gun and handcuffs have yet to be recovered.

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