Tribal Police Officer Killed

Navajo Division of Public Safety, Tribal Police Officer Leander Frank was killed in a head-on crash while responding to a call in Apache County, Arizona.

He was traveling on Route 64, between Tsaile and Chinle, when their vehicles collided. Officer Frank was killed in the crash. The occupants of the other vehicle were injured.

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  1. montanandontplay

    It’s a bummer is that road conditions, particular to Native American Reservations and Navajo country, are of poorer quality as a result of building in silt sand conditions which are vulnerable to sudden heavy rain. Routine maintenance can be slow in coming. While the radio car officers need to get to the scene reasonably fast, there is a substantially higher safety risk present than in other areas. Add to the other driver needing to navigate soft road shoulders, maneuvering potholes, a common theme associated with much higher traffic fatality rates. Although Arizona is not the leader in highway fatalities, it ranks unacceptably high. Lesser quality locally obtained building materials result in highways (often 2 lane) featuring conditions which are a major factor in traffic accidents.
    It is much more expensive in some states to revamp present highway construct to a more safer construct due to the need to replace local roadbed material. The state needs to long distance truck in a better quality road bed material. Sometimes jurisdictions just have to make due using the lower quality locally obtained roadbed dirt and gravel for a road foundation than the costly long distance hauling of strong, lasting bulilding material.
    Bottom which most states have been budgeting down to the last dime.

  2. Sarah

    May you rest in eternal peace our Guardian Angel with a badge ?????

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