New York Corrections Officer Shot And Killed

The NY Daily News reports that a 47-year-old state correction officer was shot and killed outside a Queens prison early Tuesday.

The victim was shot fatally at the Queensboro Correctional Facility on Van Dam St. near 47th Ave. in Long Island City at about 6:30 a.m., officials said.

Paramedics rushed her to Elmhurst Hospital, but she could not be saved, the FDNY said.

State Correction Department officials did not have immediate comment.

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  1. Jack Davidson

    Garbage site… Seriously bad wording.

  2. Kile Onasi

    The incredibly dishonest wording here is something that one should only expect from law enforcement at this point–the officer mentioned in this article may have been “shot and killed”, but the perpetrator was *herself* after the intended victim of her shooting spree escaped unharmed.

    • Tim Amo

      How do u know she shot herself

      • Kile Onasi

        It’s linked in the article to the NY Daily News site. You could also look it up for yourself. Her name was Keisha Brown and she worked for Queensboro Correctional Facility

  3. Lynn Walters

    we MUST be politically correct and not say what we really mean .but pander to the wishes of those who would “cut us off” if we don’t say what THEY want to hear

    • Kile Onasi

      Who is “THEY”? Are you really so upset that people would rather you know the facts of a situation before you start foaming at the mouth and hoping someone who doesn’t exist is killed? Get a grip.

  4. Lynn Walters

    .Hope some one kills him

    • Kile Onasi

      Who is “him”? The officer shot and killed herself.

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