New Mexico Police Officer Shot And Killed

Hatch (NM) Police Officer Jose Chavez was shot and killed while conducting a traffics top on Franklin Street at approximately 3:40 pm.

One of the vehicle’s passengers exited the vehicle during the stop and opened fire on Officer Chavez, wounding him. Another officer who witnessed the incident immediately called for assistance and pursued the subjects at high speeds for several miles.

The occupants then carjacked a second vehicle at a rest stop along I-25 near Radium Springs, before continuing to flee. The subjects were taken into custody after a successful stop sticks deployment by responding officers.

Two of the subjects were identified as fugitives wanted for murder in Ohio.

Officer Chavez was transported to University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas, where he succumbed to his wounds.

Officer Chavez had served with the 8-officer Hatch Police Department for two years.

Hatch is a village in Doña Ana County, New Mexico.  The population is a few thousand. It is known as the Chile Capital Of The World.

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  1. pen44

    This has got to stop……maybe when Obama leaves, we can get some decency back. He, and former AG Holder, are real cop haters. And they’ve pandered after the black criminals so disgustingly…..while doing absolutely nothing for the blacks in the inner city plantations, or anywhere else. What a great help the Ist black (?) president was for them….historically, Democrats have never ever helped the blacks, but they keep voting for Dems.

    I did not mean to get off topic, but this is just so horrifically wrong…….classic example, Chicago!! My brother was an officer in a township in the next county north of Chicago for 35 years. After he retired because he’d put in 35 years, he worked for another township for 6 or 7 years. He was raised there so he knew the situation with youth with time on their hands, so he got the city/department to buy a school bus, learned how to drive it, got licensed, and contacted the Bulls and Bears players who lived in the area…and a legend was born. Lasting friendships and many changed, or redirected lives. Police officers are great people, I’ve know some real good ones. That’s why this hate thing just breaks my heart! And, I have to say it…I’m relieved that my brother has retired.

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