Louisiana Police Officer Shot And Killed

Louisiana Police Officer Shot And Killed

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand announced that Westwego (LA) Officer Mike Louvier was shot in the head this morning and died from his injuries.

At 6:30 AM, Officer Louvier had stopped to help in what he thought was a traffic accident.  It turns out, it was a domestic violence incident that had spilled into the street.

Officers from multiple law enforcement agencies are searching for the suspect, Sylvester Holt. There were several protective orders in place before the domestic incident and subsequent shooting occurred.

Officer Louvier is 26 and has a wife and two kids.

The victim in the domestic violence has also died and she has not been identified.




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  1. chickief

    Shooting a LEO should be an automatic death sentence!

  2. Jessie Smith

    Time to fix “Old Sparky” and start frying these devil’s spawn that kill our police.

    • Joe Fyffe

      Yes! Although, I’d rather see a method to give them time to think of their evil as they are slowly and painfully dying!

      • Jessie Smith

        Leave the wet sponge out from the steel cap.

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