Horrific Video: Gunman Shoots Officer During Dallas Attack

Disturbing footage was captured Thursday night when one of eleven officers was shot during an attack in Dallas.

A local Fox News channel originally broadcast the video that shows a gunman rushing an officer during a gunfire exchange and shooting the officer point blank.

Four officers have died and seven are wounded after attackers opened fire during a protest against police violence in downtown Dallas.


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  1. Das Fantastico

    so if the guy started the shooting by hitting two officers from an elevated position in a street full of people at the protest and stayed in that elevated parking building and was cornered there and blown up who is this guy in the video on the ground floor on a deserted looking street somewhere someplace apparently shooting someone???? and you can’t tell exactly what kind of weapon the guy has or why he is wearing a balaclava but that short weapon defo isn’t an sks and the shooter seems to be gunned down in a hail of bullets as he is running off camera a number of people or a person with a lot of ammo is tearing the column the wall and the sidewalk up as he tries to run off to the right.

  2. Macdan57

    I blame the media number 1, then the president followed by BLM for these deaths and coming race wars.

    • Das Fantastico

      yeah but you;re an idiot soooo

      • Macdan57

        Before you call anyone an idiot please learn where in the hell to put your god damn apostrophe in the word you’re and that you always start a sentence with a capital letter, liberal idiot.

  3. CJ Klekar

    My friends, this cannot stand. Nemo me immune lacessit!

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