Heartbreaking Photo Captures The Loss Of A Hero

Heartbreaking Photo Captures The Loss Of A Hero

Hundreds of members of law enforcement joined family and friends in mourning the death of a Pearland police officer at a funeral Tuesday morning, remembering a rookie who was a widely considered a “man of value.”

Officer Endy Ekpanya was killed in the line of duty last week as the result of a collision with a woman who was believed to be intoxicated at the time of the crash.

The above photo, of his 2 year child crying at his casket, is a sober reminder of what every law enforcement officer and family faces on a daily basis.

Courtesy: Houston Chronicle.

Courtesy: Houston Chronicle.


Photo Courtesy: Houston Chronicle

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  1. spike

    God Bless and watch over his family.

  2. Pieter Brons

    Rest In Peace Officer.

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