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Fremont (CA) Officers Hurt In Shooting, Suspect Outstanding

Fremont (CA) Officers Hurt In Shooting, Suspect Outstanding

ABC 7 News reports that two Fremont (CA) officers have been transported with injuries following an officer-involved shooting this afternoon.

Police are reporting two separate shootings occurred in the Irvington area. At around 1:33 p.m., police say a patrol officer said he was hit by a car.

Police say that officer attempted a traffic stop and a suspect vehicle then backed into the officer. Shots were also fired. It’s unconfirmed if the officer was hit by gunfire and if both the suspect and the officer fired shots. That officer has been transported.

Multiple officers then responded to an apartment on Roberts Avenue to search for at least one suspect. Officers encountered the suspects and another officer was injured after multiple shots were fired. That officer has also been transported to the hospital.

Police say it’s unclear if there are one or two suspects. Police say one suspect could be a Hispanic male about 6-feet tall, with a shaved head and wearing some type of jersey.

A shelter-in-place has been issued for the area surrounding the incident.

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