Body Camera Captures Death of Seaside Sergeant

Police body camera footage released Thursday shows the brief confrontation last February between a Seaside police sergeant and his attacker that ended in both their deaths as it quickly devolved into chaos and gunfire.

Sgt. Jason Gooding

Sgt. Jason Gooding

Sgt. Jason Goodding and Officer David Davidson appear to be caught off-guard when a single shot rings out as they tried to take Phillip Ferry into custody outside a restaurant in downtown Seaside on Feb. 5.

The two had approached Ferry moments earlier because he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest on a probation violation. Davidson used a Taser on Ferry after he refused to get on the ground and take his hands out of his pockets.

Ferry was hit three times. He and Goodding later died in separate hospitals.

Toxicology results showed Ferry had a “high level” of methamphetamine and traces of marijuana in his system and a blood alcohol content of .117 percent at the time of the shooting.

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  1. tigertom

    Looks like it is time to revisit the arrest training. What happened to “Freeze hands up” or “Show your hands”…? Especially now that shooters know the vulnerability of the officer’s armour! So now what if arrestee does not comply? Without visability of hands( especially when arrestee is on ground) officers must consider this an offensive threat and must have weapons drawn and ready to fire without approaching until hands are seen.

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