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Australian Police Officer Death Marks First Of The Year

Australian Police Officer Death Marks First Of The Year

Photo: Senior Constable Brett Forte/Facebook

Much is often said about the difference in police use of force in the United States and other countries, including Australia.  As the narrative typically reads, since Australian police rarely shoot anyone, officers in America must not be doing enough to prevent using force.

Monday’s line of duty death of Senior Constable Brett Forte in the Lockyer Valley region, west of Brisbane near Toowoomba, during a traffic stop marks the first line of duty death in Australia in 2017.

It marks the first felonious death since October 2015.  One officer died in 2016 in a vehicle crash according to their police memorial.

The armed man is still on the run and “specialty police” have been called to the area.

Queensland police commissioner Ian Stewart said Senior Constable Forte’s death was a sad day for the service.

He said the incident again showed how “complex and dangerous the job of policing is in this state and our nation”.

“We thank Brett for his wonderful service to the community,” he said.

On behalf of Law Officer, we join Commissioner Stewart in his sentiments and we agree that policing throughout the world has become increasingly complex and difficult and when so called activists and even police organizations such as PERF compare apples to oranges, it tends to make this job even more difficult.

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  1. Katrina

    When I looked, I could only find two members of PERF who had spent evan a small amount of time at all doing actual police work. The majority seem to be lawyers and criminal justice majors who have never been out from behind a desk. A bit like a person with a Doctorate in Psychology writing guidelines on what instruments a brain surgeon is allowed to use, when and how. Just because you are a Doctor who knows a lot about the human brain doesn’t qualify you to tell someone who actually knows how, to dissect a tumor in my brain, thank you very much.

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