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Arizona Police K9 Dies In The Line Of Duty After Rescuing Hikers

Arizona Police K9 Dies In The Line Of Duty After Rescuing Hikers

The Kingman (AZ) Police Department reported “with deep sadness” the death of K9 Amigo, a three-year old Belgian Malinois, near White Cliffs on Saturday.

Amigo died of heat exhaustion while rescuing two injured hikers in Kingman on Wednesday near the top of the mountain range. He had been serving with the police department for one year.

The two hikers were rescued and treated for minor injuries.

After the rescue Amigo was taken to a local vet where he showed signs of heat exhaustion. He was later transported to an advanced care veterinary hospital in Las Vegas where he eventually succumbed to his injuries.


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    Beloved eh? How about you take adequate water and also a spray bottle to keep him cool out after all he is wearing the equivalent of 3 sweaters in the desert heat!!!!

  2. Juliana

    I find it highly suspect that this K-9 dog was allowed to go so long without proper WATER, to sustain the amount of work it was doing. This stinks, and I would question the handling by it’s owner! Don’t just post that it Died in the line of Duty. TELL ME HOW! How could the poor dog be allowed to go so long, without water. WATER is what is missing from this equation. I know it’s hot in Arizona… It’s not like these Police don’t know that? Duh? I’m sure the officer wouldn’t be allowed to suffer that long under such heat…

    • monkeysoup

      It’s very high and mighty of you to pass judgement based strictly on a news article and having none of the facts.

      • peaches and wine

        So monkeysoup……….what are the facts ms know it all?
        The article may not give all the info, but it’s logical enough for the reader to know, that AZ is in the month of July and August, the hottest triple digit numbers, and for a dog to be allowed to run up hill in those temps, is extremely cruel and dangerous without letting the dog stop, rest, and drink water, before continuing on. Those idiots who go hiking, then get stranded, not only cost the taxpayers too much money, they now cost the life of a beautiful and intelligent dog……more intelligent than the idiots who got lost, and should have stayed lost!

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