Amarillo Police Attend 6-Year-Old’s Dance Recital Representing Her Fallen Father

More than a year after a fellow officer’s death, Amarillo police officers continue supporting a local family and honoring a fallen brother in blue.

ABC 7 reports that Officer Johnnie Jones passed away in October of 2014 from a rare bacterial infection while serving in the Northeast Police Department. He was 32-years-old.

He began his career with the Dumas Police Department, and after his passing, his family moved back to Amarillo.

“I miss him,” Audrey Jones, Officer Jones’ six-year-old daughter, said. “He’s not here to play with me anymore.”

“We have our good days and we have our bad days, which is very expected,” April Jones, wife of Officer Jones, said. “Things are starting to get easier with the support of the blue family in general. We get support from them on a daily basis. I think that help us a lot.”

April says her friends in Amarillo have husband’s who work at the Amarillo Police Department, and they have stepped up tremendously to help them in whatever ways they can. This was apparent when Audrey was having a hard time in the days leading up to her dance recital.

“Anytime we have things like that, it brings back the painful memories that her dad is not there,” April said. “I just mentioned it to a friend.”

After that mention, plans were made for Officers Cremers, Matthews and Huerta to surprise Audrey.

“They brought me flowers, and it reminds me of Daddy,” Audrey said. “It’s kind of like my daddy comes to my recital.”

Officer Cesear Huerta says he asked the other officers to participate in the surprise, and when they heard Audrey’s story, they beat him to the recital.

“There’s a commitment, a selfless commitment and a selfless obligation that we have for Officer Jones,” Officer Huerta said. “It’s without question we would do that for him.”

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