White House Refuses Lighting On National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

The White House refused a call by a Republican congressman to light the White House blue Monday for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.).

Washington Congressman Dave Reichert,  a 33 year law enforcement veteran and twice elected Sheriff of King County, WA, announced the refusal by the White House and recognized law enforcement on the floor of Congress on Monday.

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Below is the full transcript of Congressman Reichert’s prepared remarks:

“Mr. Speaker today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Behind me are the faces of the 135 men and women. The faces of those who paid the ultimate price serving and protecting us this past year so that our families, our children can live safe and enjoy our freedom. Freedom isn’t free! 

You may not know or recognize these faces, but you know the faces of others who have served or who are serving today. They are the faces of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and friends. Some were ambushed and executed, some lost their lives responding to a call to save a life, someone who called for help.

Tacoma Police Officer Jake Gutierrez from my home state of Washington is one of the faces behind me. He lost his life in the line of duty just last month while trying to protect a woman from domestic violence.

Jake was supposed to exchange wedding vows with his fiancé in just a few weeks.

Instead, she and his three daughters and granddaughter attended his funeral and tried to picture a life without Jake.

Tragically, again last month a time meant for celebration, was filled with pain for another Washington family.

Veteran officer Mike McClaughry from the Mt. Vernon Police Department was shot in the head while responding to a call for help.

Today his children, wife, friends, and family sit by his hospital bed as his life is now in the hands of God and his doctors.

This feeling of loss is one that I too am familiar with.

In 1982, my partner and best friend, Sgt. Sam Hicks, was shot to death attempting to arrest a murder suspect. He left behind his wife and five sons.

That was over 30 years ago but the loss of a loved one is a pain that time cannot erase.

This national day of appreciation is not only a day to reflect and appreciate the service of those that have served but those that are serving today.

They are driving, walking, patrolling your neighborhoods, keeping us safe, ready to put their life on the line yes, but every day they do so much more for us that goes unnoticed.

The officer that took a stolen bike report at Christmas and the next day delivered a new bike to the little boy’s house.

Or the officer who anonymously buys groceries for a needy family.

The officer who counseled a little girl who was being bullied because of the clothes she wore and then bought her a set of new clothes.

Or the officer who cradled a two month old baby in his arms giving CPR to his little fragile blue face hoping for the best but fearing the worst, then headed off to the next call.

Or the officer who held the hand of a dying man after a motorcycle accident and shared his last words with his family.

The officer who was spit on, ridiculed, insulted by a man threatening to kill him and his wife then minutes later saving that same man from taking his own life.

These men and woman are coaches, volunteers, mentors,  helping people find jobs, feeding the homeless, helping them find homes, even taking them into their own homes.

These are real people, they are your neighbors and friends, they are us.

This is not a job for them. This is a calling. They serve because they want to help. They want to make a difference. They serve with the heart of a servant.

On this day let’s take a moment to appreciate and respect all members of the law enforcement community and their families, by putting a blue light in your window or on your front porch.

This is just not a sign of appreciation for law enforcement across this country, — but a sign, a small symbol of unity for us all. We need that here in our nation more than ever.

Help us remember that we are one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

I am a big James Brown fan and I really like the way he puts it in a not so well known song from the 60’s about America. He says …”America is the greatest country in the world…Now black and white they may fight, but when the enemy comes we get together and run ‘em out of sight.”

Mr. Speaker the enemy is here and its name is hate. I say we take James Brown’s advice, let’s get together and run it out of sight.



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  1. Calistress

    You people are not special snowflakes. This LEAD is some new memorial to yourselves based on your fake “war on cops” rhetoric.

    The White House doesn’t light up for librarians, doctors, accountants, lawyers or any other profession. Why do you folks believe you’re any different than them? Remember, you aren’t being forced to be a cop.

  2. leslie green

    Another slap in the face from Obama to law enforcement…. hallelujah, praise the Lord…. he’ll be history (not a good history, at that) in NINE days. Hallelujah… good bye and good riddance … don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  3. Lorraine Boyer

    I hope 2017 will be better for all Police , everywhere.

    • Rich Bawol

      Trump is not going to put up with a lot of BS by these thugs and you sure won’t see him inviting their parents to the WH to have a sit-down. Ovomit definitely has a few screws loose in his head.

  4. DogWithoutSlippers

    His job is not over – he will continue to be the voice of divisiveness………….destroying from within….

  5. Ji Va

    No. Our federal government doesn’t have time to change all the lights blue for one day. I don’t care what the reason is. I can appreciate law enforcement, but if you light up the WH for one, you gotta do it for all… every frickin group would wanna light up the white house a different color all frickin year. No. I support the decision to not open up that can of worms. It’s not being disrespectful, it’s not that we don’t support law enforcement. It’s being practical and making a prudent decision. Stop being so damn sensitive. Now… here’s a participation ribbon, go sit in the corner and let the adults do their work. Lol

    • Rich Bawol

      He lit it up for the Gays you idiot. So you think they deserve it more than our men and women in Blue. You are by far one of the biggest idiots on FB. There’s plenty of staff around the WH to change light bulbs to Blue.

  6. justjan

    Gee, I wonder how he’d feel if his and his family’s bodyguards decided to protest the disrespect and they’re on their own. Only 9 more days that the Loser-in-Chief will be gone. Hope he can afford private security when he’s out the OUR HOUSE.

    • Calistress

      Presidents get service for life dummy.

  7. Denis C. Flaherty


  8. Steve Wertz

    Obama will light up the white house in support of the gay community but not for something legitement like Law Enforcement day. Shame on Obama.

    • Calistress

      LEAD is not legitimate as it’s based on a lie.

  9. spike

    It’s a disgrace to show such a lack of support for law enforcement by the highest authority in the land. I just heard that deaths of cops went up over 60% last year?! and, if true I lay that directly at the doors of Obama and Holder starting with their initial response to Ferguson. Although, their own organizations proved the young police officer completely innocent of inappropriate or wrong doing, as far as I know, these same self-important people did nothing to make amends for their very public rush to judgement. And the president was quick to acknowledge and invite to the White House the group BLM that grew up out of the lie – Hands up don’t shoot – that came out of Ferguson.

    • Calistress

      Whelp, that’s a lie. Ferguson PD was found to be rife with racial discrimination and discriminatory judicial policing. Next lie?

      • spike

        The young officer who was vilified and lost his career was cleared of any wrong doing, in the case that I refer to, by Eric Holder’s Justice Department. Exactly where is the lie? And, young woman/man – did you refer to me as a WHELP?

        • Calistress

          LOL. Whelp, is a colloquialism similar to Well. As in: Well, that’s a lie.

          Anyway, cops who police themselves are generally cleared of any wrongdoing. Especially when it’s the word of a cop against a citizen.

          Thank goodness for smartphones and cctvs as their videos have helped to remove quite a few lying cops.

          • spike

            This officer was cleared by the Department of Justice not his police department. The LIE was that the perpetrator came toward the cop with his hands up in the air saying “don’t shoot”. According to the witnesses (not his accomplice in crime), but the folks who witnessed the event he turned and charged the officer.

  10. Jennifer L Nedimyer

    Oh but he stands behind the men and women in uniform…at least he said so two hours ago…..

    • gestutes

      You can’t trust Obama or believe anything he says. He does one thing and acts in the opposite way. Never, every trust him.

    • gestutes

      Obama stands only behind what will benefit him.

      • Jennifer L Nedimyer

        My comment was dripping with sarcasm, that’s exactly what I meant

  11. Count_Iblis

    Obama is not a fan of law enforcement, did anyone really expect it to happen.

    • Rich Bawol

      You sir are 100% correct with that statement. He has literally thrown our LEO under the bus. Something I’m sure Trump will never do. He also has no respect for our military. I can’t believe we’re finally getting rid of him.

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