NYPD Sergeant Arrested For Shooting Death Of Elderly Woman

NYPD Sergeant Arrested For Shooting Death Of Elderly Woman

A New York City police sergeant was arrested Wednesday in the shooting death of an elderly, mentally ill woman inside her Bronx apartment in October.

The New York Times reports that the arrest of Sgt. Hugh Barry, comes after months of investigations into the deadly encounter with 66-year-old Deborah Danner.

Barry shot and killed Danner while officers were responding to a call about an “emotionally disturbed person” last October.  Danner was allegedly wielding scissors that Barry persuaded her to drop. The older woman then allegedly picked up a bat and attacked Barry with it when he shot her in the chest twice.

The New York Times reports that the sergeant was charged with second-degree murder, first- and second-degree manslaughter, and criminally negligent homicide.

The Root reports that Barry was carrying a stun gun at the time of the fatal incident, but it was not deployed.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed the shooting in its immediate aftermath, saying: “Deborah Danner should be alive right now, period. If the protocols had been followed, she would be alive. It’s as simple as that.” Police Commissioner James O’Neill also claimed that Barry failed to follow the proper protocol.

In an emailed statement, Edward Mullins, the president of the Sergeant’s Benevolent Association, claimed that “the union is outraged at the indictment.”

He called O’Neill’s criticisms of the case “before any investigation was even commenced” was something that “undoubtedly tainted the grand jury pool and denied any semblance of due process” for Barry.

“This is an absolute disgrace,” Mullins said in his statement.

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  1. Katrina

    I would expect a box of rocks like deBlasio to make a statement like that, but the commissioner? A taser while he is alone? The next “emotionally disturbed person” call, the officer should stay in his car around the corner until a CIT team shows up….or better yet, a Psychiatrist, also. They alway love to say what the officer should or should not have done. Shut up, show up and do it yourself. How many occupations can one human be expected to excel in? He was apparently doing a good job of deescalating to get her to drop the scissors, so he didn’t act on a whim.

  2. LegalBeagle

    There is so much wrong with this charging decision that I can’t even begin to dive in. This kind of mindless crap is a good reason to get rid of Tasers, Beanbag shotguns and all that other less than lethal crap. At least some agencies are expecting such inappropriate tools to be used in a situation like this, which would justify brutal discipline. As a career prosecutor, I am horrified at the lack of legal knowledge and integrity shown here by the Bronx DA’s office, and I hope that as this proceeds, Bar complaints resulting in disbarment are filed. Shameful.

  3. TM

    Protocols also REQUIRE that a BACK UP officer must be prepared to immediately use LETHAL FORCE, if necessary, when a Taser is deployed during an ATTEMPT to subdue a DANGEROUS person..since Tasers are not foolproof. Was he working alone?

  4. koowah

    66 is not that old, she was capable of doing great bodily harm to the officer. Being black does not make it legal to attack an officer of the law.

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