NYPD Kills Suspect With Gun, Officer Hurt

New York City police officers shot and killed a suspect in Brooklyn Thursday afternoon.

It happened just after 4 p.m. on Belmont Avenue between Milford Street and Logan Street in the East New York section.

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Reports indicate that anti-crime officers attempted to question a man with a gun. The man took off running and at one point turned toward officers with the gun.

A gun was recovered at the scene.

A police officer suffered injuries and taken to the hospital.  It is unknown how those injuries occurred but they have been described as “minor.”

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  1. spike

    Every government entity should be willing – through history – to look up, recognize when times are hard and decide how they can cut back with the least amount of damage. All of them can cut – there is always waste. This nation is $18 -$19 TRILLION? in DEBT (and that is just the FEDS) and at almost ZERO interest since it started the BIG run up. What do Americans think is going to happen when there is even a low to reasonable interest rate?! Most would not run their own household budgets like this – if times got tough, they would cut back, tighten the belt, do without! Cripes, what is so hard to understand about that? In the private world if things are not doing well financially, folks get laid off, don’t get raises, lose benefits – whatever helps get things back on track. THE GOVERNMENT could use a little of that discipline!!!

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