NAACP Demands Action On Police Chief That Impersonated President Trump

NAACP Demands Action On Police Chief That Impersonated President Trump

The Goldsboro (NC) police chief is under fire after posting a picture of himself in the likeness of President Donald Trump on Facebook. The Wayne County NAACP held a news conference Wednesday night demanding the city take disciplinary action against Mike West.

West said he meant nothing political by it and was trying to highlight the strides his department has made since he became the chief.

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And while the post has been deleted, Wayne County NAACP President Sylvia Barnes says it is offensive.

West said he voted for Trump in the election, but never “got caught up in the hype” of the campaign. Instead, he saw Trump’s slogan as fitting for the improvements he’s made in Goldsboro.

Michael Cochran, who lives in the city, said he was not offended.

“Well, he’s done really good improving it because last week, they’ve been having patrols out here all day and all night,” he said.

Scott Stevens, Goldsboro’s city manager, said the post did not violate any policy.

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  1. Marc Philips

    How is impersonating the president offensive?

  2. Sue Rawson

    why cant these freaking idiots find something better to do with their time…. so what… find something thats real news… so sick of these petty snowflakes!!

  3. michael

    N ational A ssocation for the A dvancement of COLORED P eople.
    Colored a term THEY deemed derogatory years ago;
    I suggest a name change to:
    N ational A ssociation of A lways C omplaining P eople.

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