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Missing Texas Police Officer Faked Death

Missing Texas Police Officer Faked Death

A missing Texas cop who had threatened suicide is hiding out in Mexico after faking his own death, police said.

Austin Police Officer Coleman Martin, 29, is now the subject of an arrest warrant on a misdemeanor false report charge, Fox 7 Austin reported late Friday.

Martin’s wife reported him missing Tuesday after receiving a text message in which he said he was going to drown himself in a lake, Fox 7 reported.

His vehicle was found Wednesday near the Amistad Reservoir on the Rio Grande with a suicide note on the seat.

Austin police then found an inflatable raft near the shore that displayed his name, his date of birth and a date of death they had deemed false, the station reported.

After finding the raft, investigators checked his email account. It had been accessed hours after Martin sent the text to his wife. The IP address was in Mexico, the station reported.

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  1. TenderKisses

    I kind of admire the man. Decided to change things and made it happen. Although, if you’re going to fake a drowning, at least find a similarly sized fresh corpse to dump in the water.

  2. Chas

    He looks more like 50, certainly not 29. Disgraced the badge.

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