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Minneapolis SWAT Get New Uniforms To Become “Less Military”

Minneapolis SWAT Get New Uniforms To Become “Less Military”

The Minneapolis Police Department’s SWAT team is getting new uniforms to minimize the perception of a “militarized” look.

The police department is not eliminating equipment but rather changing the color of the uniform from military green to dark navy blue, which the department says is more consistent with the traditional police uniform.

The New Uniforms for Minneapolis SWAT Are Said to be "Less Military" Looking.

The New Uniforms for Minneapolis SWAT.

Police department officials say they made the change after community members both locally and nationally voiced concerns about the militarized look of the SWAT team. They say the SWAT team is not a military unit and is not trained by the military, so they want to help change that perception.

The department appears to understand that some may continue to question the appearance despite the color change.  They posted this on their facebook page:

“Understandably, the equipment which the SWAT team carries is tactical in appearance and necessary for their job, so changing the color alone may not fully change perception.”

The new uniforms and equipment will be arriving in the coming months and will be transitioned in over the next 2-3 years.

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