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Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns

Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns

Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau announced her resignation on Friday, 6 days after Officer Mohamed Noor shot and killed Justine Damond, a 40-year-old Australian woman, that had approached the police car that Noor was a passenger in.

‘Justine didn’t have to die. This should not have happened,’ Harteau said during a press conference on Thursday.

A day later, Harteau said that she has decided “to step aside to let a fresh set of leadership eyes see what more can be done for the MPD to be the very best it can be.”

“Last Saturday’s tragedy, as well as some other recent incidents, have caused me to engage in deep reflection,” Harteau said in her statement.

Mayor Betsy Hodges issued a statement after Harteau resigned, saying she asked for the chief to step down.

Hodges and Harteau have had a rocky relationship with one public fight involving the Mayor disagreeing with a promotion that Harteau had made.

A year ago, Hodges and Harteau appeared together in a press conference to announce changes to the department’s use of force policy.

In that press conference, it was announced that Minneapolis police officers will be trained to exhaust all reasonable means in defusing potentially violent encounters before resorting to force.

On Friday, it was one officer’s use of force that ended Chief Harteau’s career at MPD.


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  1. LegalBeagle

    Good riddance, wrong reason. She was flapping her yap about the incident without knowing enough to do so, and making it clear she thought the officer was wrong. We don’t know enough yet about all of the facts and circumstances, and THAT’s why she should have been fired.

    The appearance created by the request for her resignation is that this case is important because a white woman was the decedent. That may not have been the intention, but that’s the message at least some will receive, and it is hard to blame them. Given some of the other jackassery engaged in by the mayor, who unfortunately does have authority over the PD, it’s clear that she should not make any decisions about the police department, even as inane as the brand of pencil to buy.

    • Scotty Shultz

      Uhhh, pretty hard to come to ANY other conclusion, seeing she is the one that called police to report mischief, she was a WOMAN with absolutely NO weapon and/or never pulled such weapon nor mentioned anything about a weapon. The lady never laid a hand on ANYONE…. never even had an escalated conversation with the cop that shot her or his partner on scene……. There was absolutely NO reason for him to have pulled his gun to shoot her. Where is ANY proof she was and/or showed ANY threat to the police officer? The actual officer that shot her had to lean across and/or shoot across his partner in the patrol car……. The police officer (partner) even said he had NO idea why his partner if thought of pulling his weapon much less discharged it, as there was NO threat….. he was shocked when it happened! IDK…… what other conclusion can you come up with besides GUILTY OF MURDER?

      • Bruce Hennequin

        Learned all the ‘facts’ by your little self from the internet did you? Impressive. You have the conviction all wrapped up without one court appearance or interview. Let’s just hope you don’t find yourself on a jury…you know, with your wise and clairvoyant ability…

        • Scotty Shultz

          Actually internet wonderboy
          ……. I heard it straight from the Chief of Police that also stated the cop did not follow ANY protocol and/or procedure as well as she also stated the lady shouldn’t have been shot! Pretty sure the Chief of Police of the Department it happened in has a lil weee bit more (inside) information than obviously you do! But carry on with your wise and clairvoyant ability…

          • Bruce Hennequin

            YOU are part of the problem…conviction without a trial. I think we did away with that years ago but hell, what does due process have to do with anything? I’m not saying he is right or wrong…just that the court of public opinion is never the answer…but then again, ignorance is bliss so you seem to be one happy person

          • Scotty Shultz

            Actually, again, internet wonderboy, the actual problem was the cop shooting an unarmed lady for no apparent reason. Get you FACTS straight!

          • Bruce Hennequin

            Yes, the shooting will likely prove to be a VERY big problem but YOU don’t have any FACTS…you were not there yet you are content with a conviction. Get over yourself

          • Scotty Shultz

            Bahaha! glad you can finally come to grip with some FACTS…….. yes he has a VERY BIG Problem with no weapon, cops partner saying he was shocked the cop even pulled his weapon for no apparent reasoning as there was NO threat and then pulled the trigger. As well as the Chief knowing the FACTS stating the cop shouldn’t have shot her as well as he violated several protocols and procedures…… Hmmmm what investigation are you speaking of? They already spoke to the partner cop ……. they know the cop shot her with his gun. We know there was NO weapon on her, as well as there was NO threat, so what? Let me guess, waiting on the coroners report to make sure she is dead? Searching to see if they can find a squirrel that might be a witness? You already have the COPS PARTNER speaking out against the cop as well as the cops CHIEF OF POLICE! Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! HUGE PROBLEM! I’m out on this convo as you are just speaking to hear yourself speak at this point, but you are making a very valiant attempt at trying to impress yourself! SMH!

          • Bruce Hennequin

            Yep…confirmed. You’re a genius. Wish I was impressed…

          • LegalBeagle

            Actual knowledge of the law and tactics is usually inversely correlated with rank. I can foresee a lot of ways in which this could be revealed to be a bad shoot, but the facts you assert to justify that conclusion are not truly relevant. They have real emotional impact, but have nothing to do with the objective analysis of the shooting. (BTW, for those who think the Graham v. Connor standard is unsound, it is a) more restrictive than the prior standard, and b) based on and in all important aspects the same as the standard for a civilian’s use of force in personal defense.)

          • Scotty Shultz

            NOT RELEVANT? Well we know this cop that shot this unarmed lady in her PJ’s reporting mischief to the police was a VERY low rank, like rookie! What is different between a cop pulling his weapon and shooting someone in cold blood for NO reasoning (even to this cop’s partners shock and dismay as well as his police chief stated as well, very clearly), so please explain where the LAW is different for “civilians” and police officers? What they took an oath? So that gives them special privilege for cold blooded MURDER with bearing no responsibility? I don’t think so as 41 police officers were charged with murder or manslaughter between 2005 and 2011. They do have the right to go through the SAME process as a civilian would have too….. here is an incident where the guy actually robbed a store and ran from the cop and cop shot him in the back of the head and cop was charged and convicted of murder……. Yea, were not even talking about ANY crime and/or ANY threat and/or ANYTHING of that nature (she was in her PJ’s with NO weapon not even an argument, NOTHING ZILCH NADA! , smh!

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