Michigan Law Signed That Prohibits Police Sex With Prostitutes

Michigan Law Signed That Prohibits Police Sex With Prostitutes

First, most in the media are getting this story wrong so we won’t.

There was not an issue with undercover cops in Michigan having sex with prostitutes but there was an archaic law, that no one was actually using, that said police could not be prosecuted for having sex with prostitutes in the course of an undercover operation.

On Wednesday, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation that removed that exemption.

“Every day the brave men and women in Michigan’s law enforcement community work tirelessly to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of all Michiganders,” Snyder said. “These bills help ensure the ongoing integrity and accountability of our law enforcement system by clarifying what actions officers are exempt from while performing their official duties.”

Police agencies in Michigan have said they do not use the law allowing undercover officers to have sex during an investigation, and do not train officers in it.

The signing of the legislation was simply a formality but that didn’t prevent news sources from insinuating that a bunch of undercover cops were having sex with prostitutes.



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