Man Broadcasts Abuse Of Boy On Facebook Live

Photo Courtesy:  Everipedia, Ralph Hishaw

A Tulsa man is in jail for child abuse and child neglect after police say he “tortured” his six-year-old in north Tulsa on Monday and broadcast the incident on Facebook Live.

Detectives say the video shows Ralph Hishaw mocking the child and screaming in his face for crying.

Reports claim Hishaw swore at the child constantly and even picked him up from behind and threatened to beat his head on the ceiling.

Fox 23 reports that the video also shows Hishaw slapping the six-year-old in the face when he had his fingers in his mouth.

The arrest report states that a 32-minute video depicting the abuse was posted to the Facebook account of 32-year-old Ralph Hishaw, who officers allege repeatedly screamed at the boy, shouted profanities at him, slapped him and ridiculed him as he cried and asked for his grandmother.

The child reportedly said in a forensic interview that he had bruises on his back because Hishaw had hit him and slammed him down on the ground.

Hishaw was arrested for child abuse and possession of PCP.  he is being held on a $205,000 bond.


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