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Man Attacks Kindergarten Kids With Knife In China

Man Attacks Kindergarten Kids With Knife In China

A knife-wielding man entered a kindergarten in China and attacked 11 children Wednesday, Chinese media revealed.

The middle-aged man climbed over the wall around 3:30 in the afternoon and began stabbing children at a kindergarten in Pingxiang, Guangxi Province. The motives behind the attack are currently unknown.

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None of the children sustained life-threatening injuries during the course of the attack.

The suspect is in police custody and an investigation is underway.

It’;s not the first time this type of attack has happened in China.  In an odd coincidence, a 36-year-old man attacked an elementary school with a knife the very same day as the horrific attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, which killed 20 students.

The Chinese knife attack wounded 22 kids.  Knife attacks are common in China where gun ownership is tightly controlled by the government.

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