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Louisville Metro Police Release Footage Of Shooting Man Hiding

Louisville Metro Police Release Footage Of Shooting Man Hiding

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Louisville Metro Police have released body cam video following the shooting of Bruce Warrick, 38, on Wednesday by a police officer.

Warrick was shot in the abdomen in the 2600 block of Magazine Street. He underwent surgery Thursday to remove organs and is on a ventilator in the intensive care unit of University of Louisville Hospital awaiting further surgeries.

The camera footage shows police searching a home with guns out when Officer Sarah Stumler approaches a box spring leaning against the wall. Peeking behind the box spring, she sees Warrick hiding. Stumler shouts, “Show your hands,” before almost immediately discharging her weapon.

She fires once and then is heard saying, “Shit.”

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer issued a statement after the shooting.

 “In the wake of yesterday’s shooting, I ask for the community to join me in prayer and compassion for Mr. Bruce Warrick and Officer Sarah Stumler and their families,” the statement read. “Chief Conrad and I are committed to a thorough investigation into the circumstances, and a fully transparent process, which started with releasing the body camera video a day after the incident. I urge patience as we undertake a thorough investigation—for Mr. Warrick, for Officer Stumler, and for our entire community.”

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