LAPD Officers Save Rap Star’s Life

Photo: Officers who performed CPR on ’80s rap star Kurtis Blow; @LAPDTopanga

“The police saved my life, a Black man. In this day and age, people need to hear that,” says Kurtis Walker, aka Kurtis Blow the 1980s rap pioneer, according to an LAPD news release.

Walker had collapsed at a bus stop as officers arrived. One of the responding officers, Officer Chris Vege said, “We didn’t think about; we just acted. I swept his airway for obstructions, and Officer Calvin Hill Jr.

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After several minuts of CPR, Walker began gasping for air. The officer stopped administering chest compressions and rolled Walker on his side—but he stopped breathing again. The officers then rolled Walker back over and started chest compressions again until paramedics arrived. Witnesses reported that Officer Hill continued performing CPR for another 5 minutes.

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