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LAPD Kills Suspect From Helicopter

LAPD Kills Suspect From Helicopter

Photo Courtesy:  KTLA

Los Angeles police fired a rifle from a helicopter during a shootout with a man killed in Sunland earlier this week, marking the first time that specially trained SWAT officers have opened fire from a helicopter hovering over a scene, the LAPD said Tuesday.

The decision to bring in officers trained to fire from a helicopter was not taken lightly, Beck said. It requires approval from a high-level officer — in this case, an assistant chief who also discussed it with Beck beforehand.

The events leading to the shooting began earlier that day, Beck said, when a woman woke up and saw an intruder in her home. The woman escaped through a bedroom window and called police, the chief said.

When officers arrived, Beck said, they peered through a window of the home and saw that the man had armed himself with a gun belonging to one of the residence’s occupants. The officers then backed off and called for a SWAT team, Beck said, launching a standoff that lasted five hours.

As officers surrounded the house, police used a bullhorn to try to persuade the man to surrender, department officials said.

The house was at the top of a hill, surrounded by brush and debris, which created what the chief described as a “very difficult location” for SWAT officers, contributing to the decision to bring in the officers trained to fire from a helicopter.

The suspect was shot when he emerged and opened fire at police.

After the man was shot, his body rolled down a ravine, where he was pronounced dead.

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