LAPD Kills Suspect From Helicopter

Photo Courtesy:  KTLA

Los Angeles police fired a rifle from a helicopter during a shootout with a man killed in Sunland earlier this week, marking the first time that specially trained SWAT officers have opened fire from a helicopter hovering over a scene, the LAPD said Tuesday.

The decision to bring in officers trained to fire from a helicopter was not taken lightly, Beck said. It requires approval from a high-level officer — in this case, an assistant chief who also discussed it with Beck beforehand.

The events leading to the shooting began earlier that day, Beck said, when a woman woke up and saw an intruder in her home. The woman escaped through a bedroom window and called police, the chief said.

When officers arrived, Beck said, they peered through a window of the home and saw that the man had armed himself with a gun belonging to one of the residence’s occupants. The officers then backed off and called for a SWAT team, Beck said, launching a standoff that lasted five hours.

As officers surrounded the house, police used a bullhorn to try to persuade the man to surrender, department officials said.

The house was at the top of a hill, surrounded by brush and debris, which created what the chief described as a “very difficult location” for SWAT officers, contributing to the decision to bring in the officers trained to fire from a helicopter.

The suspect was shot when he emerged and opened fire at police.

After the man was shot, his body rolled down a ravine, where he was pronounced dead.

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  1. J. Heller

    He was shot multiple times prior to APS deployment. There has been no statement and there probably will not be one regarding which shots killed the suspect but it is certainly inflammatory and misleading to claim that the aerial platform snipers were responsible for killing the suspect. That has not been determined or stated by LAPD.

  2. William Lewis

    Nazi’s in Helicopters! Who needs the Constitution, we’ll just commit judicial homicide till they stop complaining or they’re all dead!

    Stupid Nazi’s. We still own the ropes from Nuremburg…

  3. mac

    The house also seems to be about to roll down the hill

  4. Ferroequus

    Hopefully they’ll adapt these tactics for use on ‘Undocumented Immigrants’.

  5. Merrill Henderson

    The way California is going, they might want to consider buying some old Huey gunships from the Vietnam era.

    • Ferroequus

      I wouldn’t live in California even if they paid me.

  6. Charles P

    Great use of tactical assets to protect other officers and the community.

    • LosBombero

      Absolutely. Helicopter operations are inherently dangerous……lots can go wrong. Risk Assessment has to be as fast and accurate as possible. Looks like LAPD did everything right. (It would suck if they terminated the bad guy and then had a flight EMERGENCY on the way back to base)

  7. patricksperry

    Nice shooting… Well done!

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